• Hot Forged Parts

    Hot Forged Parts

    Reduce the deformation resistance of the metal, thus reducing the forging pressure required for the deformation of the bad material, so that the tonnage of the forging equipment is greatly reduced.
    Changing the as-cast structure of the steel ingot, recrystallization in...
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  • Forging Small Parts

    Forging Small Parts

    Forging Small Parts are objects in which the metal is pressed to shape the desired shape or suitable compressive force by plastic deformation.
    This force is typically achieved by using a hammer or pressure.
    The forging process creates a refined grain structure and...
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  • Forged Metal Parts

    Forged Metal Parts

    Forging production is one of the main processing methods for providing mechanical parts blanks in the mechanical manufacturing industry.
    With Forged Metal Parts, not only the shape of the mechanical parts can be obtained, but also the internal structure of the metal can...
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  • Automotive Metal Stamping

    Automotive Metal Stamping

    The Automotive Metal Stamping process involves the manual or molding of thin metal sheets to form the shapes and sizes we desire and require, by welding or by machining a small portion to form more complex shapes.
    The stamping structure must have the principle of...
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  • Metal Stamping

    Metal Stamping

    The outstanding advantages of Metal Stamping products have made it widely used in various industries such as machinery manufacturing, electronics and electrical appliances.
    The cover parts of the car, as small as watches and instruments, instrument components, are...
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  • Custom Stampings

    Custom Stampings

    ​Since Custom Stampings mainly uses stamping processing technology, stamping processing is based on the pressure provided by the stamping equipment, and the metal sheet material is plastically deformed by stamping the mold to produce the required processing method with...Read More

  • Sheet Metal Stamping

    Sheet Metal Stamping

    Sheet Metal Stamping products are widely used in electronics, communications, automotive, medical equipment, etc., such as light weight, high strength, good electrical conductivity, low cost, and large-scale mass production performance, such as in computer cases,mobile phones...Read More

  • Precision Stamping

    Precision Stamping

    Sheet Metal Stamping products do not require or require only a small amount of cutting, high material utilization, and low material cost of the workpiece.
    It has high production efficiency, simple operation and easy mechanization and automation.
    Equipped with...
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  • Precision Metal Stamping

    Precision Metal Stamping

    Excellent Precision Metal Stamping parts are low cost, strong and rigid.
    The cost of sheet metal stamping parts is mainly reflected in materials, molds, and stamping hours.
    The higher the utilization rate of the sheet metal material, the simpler the mold, the less...
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  • Forge Parts For Sale

    Forge Parts For Sale

    ​Forging is a processing method that uses a forging machine to apply pressure to a metal blank to plastically deform it to obtain a forging having a certain mechanical property, a certain shape and size.
    For important parts of the relevant machinery with high load and...
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  • Heat Sink

    Heat Sink

    Product Name: Professional Round Aluminium Extrusion LED heat sink with anodizing surface treatment Product Description: Type:Heat Sink Thickness:0.5mm-15mm Dimension Range:Customized Main Process:die casting Key feature:aluminium heat sink for led Grade:6000 Series...Read More

  • Linear Bearing

    Linear Bearing

    Product Name: linear bearing series LM5UU LM6UU LM8UU LM10UU LM12UU LM13UU LM16UU LM20UU LM25UU Product Description: Type:Linear Delivery time: About 25 days Packing:According client's requirement Payment:T/T,L/C and so on Spec.:LM5UU LM6UU LM8UU LM10UU LM12UU LM13UU...Read More