• Marine Chain

    Marine Chain

    The Marine Chain is also referred to as a special lock ring chain for the link anchor and the ship or a heavy duty lock chain for the anchor cable.
    It is an important guarantee for the ship in the process of driving, and it is also the guarantee for the life of the crew.
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  • Bucket Teeth

    Bucket Teeth

    Bucket Teeth is an important part of the excavator, similar to human teeth, and is also a consumable part.
    It is a combination of toothed teeth and tooth tips, which are connected by pins.
    Since the tooth wear failure portion is the tooth tip, it is only necessary...
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  • Aluminium Die Casting Parts

    Aluminium Die Casting Parts

    Aluminium Die Casting Parts' applications of aluminum and aluminum alloys have good flow and plasticity, making it possible to make a variety of complex and difficult die castings.
    In addition, aluminum alloy and aluminum-aluminum castings have high precision and...
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  • Flange Linear Bearings

    Flange Linear Bearings

    Flange Linear Bearings is a linear motion system that is produced at low cost for infinite travel with cylindrical shafts.
    It is widely used in sliding parts of industrial machinery such as precision machine tools, textile machinery, food packaging machinery, and...
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  • CNC Aluminum Parts

    CNC Aluminum Parts

    ​CNC Aluminum Parts have stable processing quality, high processing precision and high repeatability, and are suitable for the processing requirements of precision batch parts.
    The processing process of aluminum alloy parts can separate the coarse and fine machining.
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  • Flange Ball Valve

    Flange Ball Valve

    The difference is that the closing member is a ball, and the ball rotates around the valve body to achieve a valve that opens and closes.
    The ball valve is mainly used in the pipeline to cut, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium.
    The Flange Ball...
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  • Link Chain

    Link Chain

    Most of the Link Chains are made up of components such as chain plates, chain pins, and bushings.
    Other types of chains only make different changes to the chain plates according to different needs, some are equipped with scrapers on the chain plates, some are equipped...
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  • Stainless Steel Chain

    Stainless Steel Chain

    As a common transmission device, the Stainless Steel Chain reduces the friction through the “chain” design of the hyperbolic arc.
    It is used in places where the power is relatively large and the running speed is relatively slow, which is obviously superior to the belt...
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  • Investment Casting Process

    Investment Casting Process

    Investment Casting Process is also known as lost wax casting, including waxing, grouping, dipping, melting wax, casting molten metal and post-treatment.
    The Investment Casting Process product features variable wall thickness and requires tighter tolerances.
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  • Precision Casting

    Precision Casting

    Precision casting refers to the general term for obtaining precision castings, also known as lost wax casting.
    Its products are precise, complex, close to the final shape of the part, and can be used directly without machining or processing.
    It is an advanced...
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  • Sand Casting Process

    Sand Casting Process

    Sand Casting Process is a casting process that uses clay-bonded sand as a molding material.
    It is a long-established process and the most widely used process.
    It is worth noting that clay wet sand is still the most important modeling material in the development of...
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  • Investment Casting Components

    Investment Casting Components

    The surface of the wax mold is covered with a refractory ceramic material.
    Once the ceramic material is hardened, the inside of the mold is formed into the geometry of Investment Casting Components.
    Then the paraffin is melted and derivatized, and then the cavity...
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