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Industrial Robot Development Made In China
- Dec 20, 2018 -

The constant emergence and renewal of new technologies have brought the manufacturing industry into a brand-new field. Many industries have stood out in the development, among which industrial robots are one of them.

Although, domestic machine tools and domestic industrial robots, are facing a variety of pressures, but objectively speaking, the machine tool industry is facing a more difficult environment.First of all, compared with the robot industry on the tuyere, the machine tool industry is basically not even "wind edge", many enterprises lack more development funds, including technology research and development and equipment upgrade funds.Secondly, compared with the industrial robot industry, the machine tool industry has a longer development, the corresponding market has formed a more stable system, it is difficult to find a new development breakthrough.In addition, intelligent technology is not fully developed in the machine tool industry, so this may not be a short board in the field of robotics, may become a constraint factor in the machine tool industry.

Therefore, China's machine tool industry in the development of not only the same as industrial robots to do strong internal work, but also internal and external repair, take into account new technology, and actively find their own way of development.Alleged inside and outside concurrently repair is to point to, machine tool industry should use new technology, new element to realize already "bend overtaking", additional car itself should do a good job even.Otherwise, you can't overtake and it's easy to turn over.In development, the machine tool industry can be combined with local demand, refined market.China is the world's machine tool consumption power, the local market is huge, grasp the local machine tool market is still the top priority.In the traditional market has been relatively stable, can occupy new demand through segmentation.For example, for small batch of personalized product production machine tools, and shenyang machine tools for jewelry processing machine tools, are through segmentation to expand new markets.

As an industrial mother machine, the importance of machine tools is beyond doubt.Under the condition of strengthening internal work and repairing external work, the author believes that the future of machine tool industry is promising.

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