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Green Transformation Promotes for steel company
- Aug 09, 2018 -

The reporter learned from the "Experience Exchange Meeting of Steel Industry Green Manufacturing Technology" held recently that in recent years, some companies have rooted the concept of green development in all aspects of production and management, and have realized green way of manufacturing as well as achieved ultra-low emissions of main pollutants. Such companies have been identified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as "green factory".

Li Xinchuang, president of the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, pointed out at the meeting that China's steel industry should comprehensively establish a green development concept and implement a six-in-one overall arrangement of “green mines, green procurement, green logistics, green manufacturing, green products and green industries”. Iron and steel enterprises also should establish a strategic thinking of green development, actively plan and formulate a strategic plan of green development, innovate on our own initiative, consolidate the capacity building of green development, and strengthen the implementation of effective actions.

“Enterprises are hoped to firmly establish the concept of green development, because more high-quality ecological products are the urgent needs of the people. Green manufacturing is the only way to be a strong manufacturing country. It is necessary to further accelerate the green transformation of production processes and the integrated use of technology, as well as encourage enterprises to establish standards higher than the state and strictly demand themselves,” said Gao Yunhu, the director of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization Division of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.