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What should be considered when selecting materials for gears?
- Jul 25, 2018 -

1. For the impact load, the gears should be simply broken and the material with better resistance should be selected. The low carbon steel can be used for carburizing and quenching.
2. Regarding high-speed closed-type transmission, the tooth surface is easy to pitting, and the material with good tooth surface hardness should be selected, and the surface of medium carbon steel can be quenched.
3. For low-speed medium load, gear teeth breakage, pitting and wear can occur, mechanical strength, tooth surface hardness and other materials with good mechanical properties should be selected, and medium carbon steel can be refined and refined.
4. Strive for a small variety of materials, easy to manage, and consider resources and supply.
5. When the structural scale is required to be compact and the wear resistance is high, alloy steel should be used.

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