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Three types of failure modes for rolling bearings
- Jul 25, 2018 -

There are many methods for rolling bearings to fail in rolling bearings. In daily use of rolling bearings, there are three main types of failures: fatigue, plastic deformation and abrasive wear. The failure modes of these three types of rolling bearings are described in detail as follows:
1. Fatigue: For rotating rolling bearings, fatigue pitting is the main form of failure, so the life calculation is mainly carried out, and static strength check is performed if necessary.
2. Plastic deformation: For bearings that do not rotate, rotate at low speed or oscillate, local deformation is the main form of failure, so the calculation of static strength is mainly carried out.
3. Abrasive wear: For high-speed bearings, heat generation and even gluing are the main failure modes, so the limit speed should be checked in addition to the life calculation.

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