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The main role of car gear
- Jul 25, 2018 -

Gear transmission is one of the most widely used transmissions in automobiles. It has the following main functions:
1. Variable speed: The gear speed can be changed by meshing two different sizes of gears. For example, gearbox gears can reduce or increase the speed of the engine to meet the needs of the car;
2. Torque: Two different sizes of gears mesh, and while changing the speed of the gear, the torque transmitted is also changed. For example, a car gearbox and a final drive in a transaxle can change the torque of the car;
3. Change direction: The driving direction of some car engines is perpendicular to the driving direction of the car, and the direction of power transmission must be changed to drive the car. This device is usually the main reducer and differential of the car.

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