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The main cause of gear damage
- Jul 25, 2018 -

When the conflicting pair is in the process of operation, the first is that the smooth oil has small viscosity, the speed is too low, the load is too large, and the oil film cannot be established; the second is that the circumferential speed is too large, the load is too heavy, and the quality level of sliding tumbling and smooth oil occurs. Poor, viscosity is not suitable, lack of oil and other different degrees of adhesive wear; the third is the smoothing of dust and other particles in the smooth system and internal wear debris, colloid and other impurities to form particles wear; Fourth, cyclic cyclic contact stress Under the repeated effect, the gears are worn and worn, causing pitting, falling off and cracking of the external data. Fifth, the smoothing of the water, metal particles, chemical pollutants, and the chemical effects of the smooth oil and the participation of oxygen Inferiority forms corrosion wear and the like.

In short, the damage of the gear is caused by scratches, pitting, cracking and the like caused by the sliding, tumbling, impact and smoothing of the medium and the conflicting pair of the gear during operation.

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