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The four principles of machining
- Feb 12, 2019 -

In order to ensure the efficiency of machining and the quality of the products produced, the four principles must be followed when machining.

1, the benchmark first:

When using mechanical equipment to machine the product, it is necessary to determine a reference plane so that there is a positioning reference for subsequent processing. After the reference surface is determined, the reference surface is first processed.

2, dividing the processing stage:

When the product is machined, it needs different degrees of processing according to different product requirements. The degree of processing needs to be divided. If the accuracy is not high, then a simple roughing stage is required. The progress requirements of the products are becoming more and more strict, and the semi-finishing and finishing stages are followed.

3, the first face and the back hole:

When machining, for workpieces such as brackets, it requires both plane machining and mechanical hole machining. In order to process the holes, the accuracy error is smaller. .

4, finishing processing:

This processing principle is roughly the processing of some polishing and polishing, which is usually the step after the product has completely completed the architecture.

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