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The difference between welded flange and flat welded flange
- Jul 25, 2018 -

1. The welding installation of the welding flange requires double-sided welding of the flange. The general butt welding flange is mostly a neck flange, also called a nipple flange. Butt welding flanges are used for the connection of medium and high pressure pipes. The butt welding flange is generally at least PN2.5MPa. The butt welding is used to reduce the stress concentration. In addition, the welding of the welding flange requires flange double-sided welding. Therefore, the installation cost of the welding flange, labor costs and auxiliary materials costs are higher, because there is more than one process.

2. Compared with the butt weld flange, the flat weld flange has a simple structure and is material-saving, but the rigidity and sealing are not as good as the neck-welded flange. Flat welded flanges are widely used in the connection of medium and low pressure vessels and pipes. Flat welding flange is suitable for carbon steel pipe connection with nominal pressure not exceeding 2.5MPa. The sealing surface of flat welding flange can be made into smooth, concave and convex and grooved type. Application of smooth flat welding flange The largest, mostly used in the case of moderate media conditions, such as low pressure non-purified compressed air, low pressure circulating water, it has the advantage that the price is relatively cheap.

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