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Talking about the tips commonly used in machining
- Feb 12, 2019 -

The machining process specification is one of the technical documents that stipulate the mechanical processing process and operation method of the parts. It is to write the more reasonable process and operation method into the process documents according to the prescribed form under the specific production conditions. After approval, it is used to guide production. With the innovation of technology, there are the following common tips:

First, in the machining process, the jaws of the vise are removed, and two M4 threaded holes are machined. Two steel plates 2 are 1.5 mm thick with the jaws, and the hard yellow is 0.8 mm thick with the aluminum countersunk rivets. The copper plate 3 is fastened to the jaws with the M4 countersunk screw 1 to form a durable soft jaw. This also protects the part from being pinched and interchangeable.

Second, the use of magnets in mechanical processing to absorb small parts (fees) is not convenient to suck and take. An iron plate 2 can be sucked under the magnet 1, not only can suck a lot of small pieces, but also pull the small pieces of the iron plate into the collecting box immediately. Not enough to be impressed but very practical.

Third, when the pulley is driven in the machining process, the pulley often slips between the pulley and the axle. On the axle, a series of sockets are drawn with ¢15~18 mm burrowing drill bit, so that the adsorption force can be prevented to prevent slipping, and the waste will be rewarded by the boss.

Fourth, in machining, when the hex wrench 1 handle is short and can not be stressed, the tube with the inner diameter slightly larger than the wrench can be inserted into the slot from the section of the slot, which can be regarded as a long handle.

In machining, there are a lot of workpieces that are not produced by one-off production, but when the workpiece is produced, it is just a rough model, if it is turned into a product, it will be Machining with some mechanical equipment and machining according to different product requirements can become a valuable product.

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