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General knowledge of machinery
- Dec 20, 2018 -

Q: What is a hydraulic circuit?

A: Typical circuits consisting of hydraulic components that perform specific functions.

Q: What are the machining accuracy of parts?

A: It has dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy and position accuracy.

Q: What are the main reasons for residual stress and deformation of steel structure after welding?

A: The steel structure parts are heated and cooled locally, and the metal heat rise and cold shrink in the high-temperature area are hindered by the surrounding cold metal.

Q: wWhat is correction?

A:Correction is to produce plastic deformation of steel under the action of external forces, so as to lengthen the fiber of local shrinkage of steel and shorten the fiber of elongation, so as to achieve uniform fiber length of the metal part, so as to eliminate the defects of surface unevenness, bending, distortion and wave deformation, so as to obtain the correct shape.

Q: What is the diameter of the electrode chosen for welding?

A Welding piece thickness, joint form, weld position, bead level.

Q: What are the common defects of elbow?

A: Bulging, flattening, folding, ellipse, bending crack, etc.

Q: What methods can be used to bend section steel?

A: Roll bend, press bend, pull bend.

Q: How many ways can you bend a pipe?

A: Press (top) bend, roll bend, return bend, squeeze bend.

Q: How many methods can be used to express the cold drawing?

A: It can be divided into three types: schematic structure diagram, simple structure diagram and complex structure diagram.

Q: What determines the weldability of metallic materials?

A: It is determined by the physical and chemical weldability and the process weldability.

Q: How many rivets are commonly used?

A: It has A semicircle head, countersunk head, countersunk head, flat head, flat cone head, flat circle and flat.

Q: What is assembly?

A: It is used to weigh all parts together into components according to certain technical conditions.

Q: What are the three elements of assembly?

A: Positioning, supporting and clamping.

Q: What are the connection methods of metal structure?

A: We have welding, riveting, bolting and rivet welding.

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