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CNC machining process division method
- Jan 31, 2019 -

Generally, according to the principle of process concentration, the CNC machining process is divided into the following methods:

(1) According to the tool used

Taking the process completed by the same tool as a process, this division method is suitable for the case where the workpiece has a large number of surfaces to be processed. Processing centers are often done this way.

(2) Divided by the number of workpiece installations

The process that can be completed in one part of the part is used as a process. This method is suitable for processing parts with few contents, and completes all processing contents in one setup under the premise of ensuring the processing quality of the parts.

(3) divided by rough finishing

The part of the process completed in the roughing process is taken as one process, and the part of the process completed in the finishing process is taken as another process. This method of division is applicable to parts with strength and hardness requirements, heat treatment or high precision of parts, high effective removal of internal stress, and large deformation after machining. It is necessary to process parts according to the rough and finishing stages.

(4) According to the processing part

The part of the process that completes the same profile is used as a process. For parts with many complicated surfaces and complicated parts, the order of NC machining, heat treatment and auxiliary processes should be arranged reasonably, and the connection problem between the processes should be solved.


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