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Car gear classification
- Jul 25, 2018 -

(1) According to the tooth profile of the gear: including the tooth profile curve, the pressure angle, the tooth height and the displacement, the involute gear is relatively simple to manufacture, so in the modern gear, the involute gear is the absolute majority, and the cycloidal gear And arc gears are used less.

(2) According to the pressure angle: the bearing of the small pressure angle gear is smaller; while the large pressure angle gear has higher bearing capacity, but the load of the bearing increases under the same transmission torque, so it is only used for special cases. The gear height of the gear has been standardized, generally the standard tooth height is selected, and the gear of the displacement gear has more interests, and has been widely used in various types of machinery and equipment.

(3) According to its shape: it is divided into cylindrical gear, bevel gear, non-circular gear, rack, worm and worm gear; according to the shape of the tooth line, it is divided into spur gear, helical gear, herringbone gear and curved gear; according to the surface where the gear teeth are located It is divided into external gears and internal gears; it can be divided into casting gears, cutting gears, rolling gears, and sintered gears according to the manufacturing method.

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