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End Rod Bearings in Machinery
  • Truck Gear Wheel

    Truck Gear Wheel

    Product Name: Chinese Supplier of High Quality truck gear wheel of Competitive Price Product Description: Shape: Spur Tolerance: 0.01mm Place of Origin: China Material: Steel Product Advantages: 1. Rich Production Experience; 2. Advanced GEAR Machine; 3. Strict Quality...Read More

  • Automotive Metal Stamping

    Automotive Metal Stamping

    The Automotive Metal Stamping process involves the manual or molding of thin metal sheets to form the shapes and sizes we desire and require, by welding or by machining a small portion to form more complex shapes.
    The stamping structure must have the principle of...
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  • Metal Stamping

    Metal Stamping

    The outstanding advantages of Metal Stamping products have made it widely used in various industries such as machinery manufacturing, electronics and electrical appliances.
    The cover parts of the car, as small as watches and instruments, instrument components, are...
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  • Custom Stampings

    Custom Stampings

    ​Since Custom Stampings mainly uses stamping processing technology, stamping processing is based on the pressure provided by the stamping equipment, and the metal sheet material is plastically deformed by stamping the mold to produce the required processing method with...Read More

  • Sheet Metal Stamping

    Sheet Metal Stamping

    Sheet Metal Stamping products are widely used in electronics, communications, automotive, medical equipment, etc., such as light weight, high strength, good electrical conductivity, low cost, and large-scale mass production performance, such as in computer cases,mobile phones...Read More

  • Precision Stamping

    Precision Stamping

    Sheet Metal Stamping products do not require or require only a small amount of cutting, high material utilization, and low material cost of the workpiece.
    It has high production efficiency, simple operation and easy mechanization and automation.
    Equipped with...
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  • Precision Metal Stamping

    Precision Metal Stamping

    Excellent Precision Metal Stamping parts are low cost, strong and rigid.
    The cost of sheet metal stamping parts is mainly reflected in materials, molds, and stamping hours.
    The higher the utilization rate of the sheet metal material, the simpler the mold, the less...
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  • Stainless Steel Chain

    Stainless Steel Chain

    As a common transmission device, the Stainless Steel Chain reduces the friction through the “chain” design of the hyperbolic arc.
    It is used in places where the power is relatively large and the running speed is relatively slow, which is obviously superior to the belt...
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  • V Belt Pulley

    V Belt Pulley

    Product Name: Customized CNC Machining Steel V Belt Pulley for Auto Spare Parts Car Accessories Product Description: Type:V-Belt Application:Power Transmission Tolerance: 0.001mm after machining Dimensions Outside (OD): 50mm (1.97") Groove Depth: Suitable for Wire Cable...Read More

  • Forged Connecting Rods Manufacturers

    Forged Connecting Rods Manufacturers

    Product Name: Professional Aluminum Connecting rod Manufacturer for Car Engine Parts Product Description: Hardness after quenching and tempering is HRC35-38. Verticality, Parallelism and Distortion: <= +/-0.00018" Center to Center Distance Tolerance: <=...Read More

  • Forged Crankshaft

    Forged Crankshaft

    Product Name: High Quality Engine Truck forged Crankshaft Product Description: Quality: Guaranteed Specification: Standard Crankshaft Type: Cummins ISF2.8, ISF3.8, 4BT,6BT,6CT,6LT, ISBE, ISDE, ISC, ISLE, M11,NT855, K19 Benz OM314, OM352,OM355, OM366, OM401, OM402, OM421,...Read More

  • Track Rod End

    Track Rod End

    Product Name: Auto steering parts track-rod-end for most cat Product Description: Size:Standard Material:Body C45 Ball and pin Cr40 Fitting Position-Front Axle Left and Right Thread Size 1 : M14x1.5 mm; Thread Size 2 : M10x1.25 mm Cone Size:16.5mm FAQ: Q: What are your terms...Read More

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