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  • Truck Gear Wheel

    Truck Gear Wheel

    Product Name: Chinese Supplier of High Quality truck gear wheel of Competitive Price Product Description: Shape: Spur Tolerance: 0.01mm Place of Origin: China Material: Steel Product Advantages: 1. Rich Production Experience; 2. Advanced GEAR Machine; 3. Strict Quality...Read More

  • Stainless Steel ForGIng Parts

    Stainless Steel ForGIng Parts

    Product Name: Stainless Steel Forging Parts with Favorable Price Product Description: Place of Origin: China Material: Stainless Steel Surface Treatment: Polishing Tolerance: 0.01mm~0.05mm Certification: ISO9001-2008 Product Advantages: 1. Rich Experience; 2. Advanced...Read More

  • Forged Steel Components

    Forged Steel Components

    Product Name: Experienced Manufacturer of Forged Steel Components with High Quality and Competitive Price Product Description: Place of Origin: China Material: Iron Steel Process: Forging + CNC Machining Type: Forging Dimensions: Customer Required Forging Tolerance:...Read More

  • Forge Parts For Sale

    Forge Parts For Sale

    ​Forging is a processing method that uses a forging machine to apply pressure to a metal blank to plastically deform it to obtain a forging having a certain mechanical property, a certain shape and size.
    For important parts of the relevant machinery with high load and...
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  • Hot Forged Parts

    Hot Forged Parts

    Reduce the deformation resistance of the metal, thus reducing the forging pressure required for the deformation of the bad material, so that the tonnage of the forging equipment is greatly reduced.
    Changing the as-cast structure of the steel ingot, recrystallization in...
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  • Forging Small Parts

    Forging Small Parts

    Forging Small Parts are objects in which the metal is pressed to shape the desired shape or suitable compressive force by plastic deformation.
    This force is typically achieved by using a hammer or pressure.
    The forging process creates a refined grain structure and...
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  • Forged Metal Parts

    Forged Metal Parts

    Forging production is one of the main processing methods for providing mechanical parts blanks in the mechanical manufacturing industry.
    With Forged Metal Parts, not only the shape of the mechanical parts can be obtained, but also the internal structure of the metal can...
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  • Aluminium Cold ForGIng

    Aluminium Cold ForGIng

    The Aluminium Cold ForGIng process is a precision plastic forming technology with unparalleled advantages in machining, such as good mechanical properties, high productivity and high material utilization.
    It is especially suitable for mass production and can be used as...
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  • Forged Aluminum Parts

    Forged Aluminum Parts

    Forged Aluminum Parts is a cold-treated forging that is much stronger than soft steel.
    It has ordinary corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties and anode reaction.
    The fine grain makes the deep drilling performance better, the tool wear resistance is...
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  • Metal Iron Forge Parts

    Metal Iron Forge Parts

    A forging is a workpiece or blank obtained by forging deformation of a metal blank.
    Metal Iron Forge Parts can change the mechanical properties by applying pressure to the metal blank to deform it.
    Forgings can be divided into cold forging and forging according to...
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  • Bucket Teeth

    Bucket Teeth

    Bucket Teeth is an important part of the excavator, similar to human teeth, and is also a consumable part.
    It is a combination of toothed teeth and tooth tips, which are connected by pins.
    Since the tooth wear failure portion is the tooth tip, it is only necessary...
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  • Stainless Steel Metal Forge

    Stainless Steel Metal Forge

    Stainless Steel Metal Forge products are widely used in steam locomotive parts, sports equipment and all kinds of steel hot forging and other hardware parts and machinery.
    The important parts with high load and severe working conditions, in addition to the simple shape...
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